Lamb and chicken skewer kebabs June 24 2016

Lamb and chicken skewer kebabsYogurt, mint, lime & cucumber dipSkewers with tomato & coriander salsa, guacamole, cucumber dip and hummus

Chicken and lamb cut all the fat off the lamb and divide both up into skewer size chunks.

Squeeze lime juice over both and add some pincho kebab mix, you get this in Spain and easily online.

Roughly chop some chunky peppers and onions then pop them on your skewers, move to one side.

Meanwhile cut up some mint and cucumber into little bits and pop into the yoghurt add the zest of 1 lime and juice, pop some paprika powder on top for bling effect.

Guacamole - bunch coriander chopped 2 tomatoes chopped 1 avocado mushed with a fork. Mix together with the juice of 1 lime, add salt to taste.

now grill your skewers set the table cut the bread and make two big margaritas Margaritas